97 Land Company’s Community Dashboard Project Brings Unprecedented Transparency to Neighborhood Partnerships

The Community Dashboard Project Provides Unprecedented Transparency and Standardized Communication

What Is The Community Dashboard Project

The 97 Land Company community dashboard is a revolutionary new tool for standardizing communication and increasing transparency between community partners and project teams. At 97 Land Company, each new project launched will have its own unique dashboard page dedicated to the specific neighborhood it serves. These dashboard pages will include a project overview, description, presentation materials, research updates, and reporting. In order to ensure that community members can easily stay up to date on upcoming meetings and engagement opportunities, all information will be posted in one place on the dedicated dashboard. Additionally, recordings from previous meetings will be available for those who are unable to attend. Our team will maintain and update each community’s dashboard on a regular basis to ensure that the most up-to-date information is always available. The Community Dashboard Project is an innovative platform that offers an open and accessible line of communication for community partners and project teams alike.
Why We Created The Community Dashboard Project

At 97 Land Company, we believe that collaboration is key to creating successful projects that benefit both the local economy and the community. That’s why we’ve launched The Community Dashboard Project, a new innovative tool for our neighborhood partners. We started 97 Land Company with the goal of being a part of the future growth of North Texas and bringing the right projects to our communities. By working with landowners, developers, and community leaders, we ensure that projects are not only desirable for the economic prosperity of the region, but also successful for the individual neighborhoods. With The Community Dashboard Project, our team has created a formal tool for neighborhood engagement, providing a platform for open and accessible communication and making processes and information known and easy to access.

You can check out the latest community dashboards in our open projects by visiting, 97landcompany.com/open-projects/

About 97 Land

97 Land Company provides full-service consulting services for land use, real estate, and economic development projects in Texas. They offer turnkey consulting services that cover all aspects of a development project, from early feasibility and site selection to full entitlement work and the issuance of Certificate of Occupancy. Their team of experts includes land use consultants, zoning specialists, and project managers who work with landowners, developers, and community leaders to create projects that benefit the local economy while blending seamlessly with existing neighborhoods.

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