97 Land Company in the Community

97 Land Company is committed to both our clients and the communities we serve. From neighboring property owners and nearby homeowners’ associations to public officials and other community members or groups, we value creating genuine dialogue with everyone involved. We pride ourselves on keeping an open line of communication with all who demonstrate an interest in the project at hand or who have concerns or questions regarding a proposed development. Together with our clients, we work to foster a transparent, two-way conversation incorporating community feedback and addressing feasible, reasonable concerns to ensure what is best for everyone involved.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

On Monday, January 16, the 97 Land Company team marched side-by-side with members of the African American community in honor of the 100th anniversary of the displacement of the once known settlement of Quakertown, Denton.

Partner Spotlight

During the MLK Day Celebration on January 16, 2023, our client, Lang Partners donated $50,000.00 to five of the original churches in the Quakertown Settlement. 97 Land Company and Lang Partners are currently working to implement the first of many Community Benefits Agreement (CBA). Community Benefits Agreements are formal documents that outline how developers intend to give back to the communities they are building in. You can learn more about how 97 Land is setting a precedent in transparency through our new community dashboard.

Community Dashboard