2207-0961 Building Permit

Project Description

Lang Railyard is a proposed multi-family project located at 618 East Sycamore in Downtown Denton. The subject property is approximately 9.34 acres zoned Mixed-Use Neighborhood (MN) with a Future Land Use Designation of Downtown Denton.

The proposed development includes five three-story apartment buildings with a total of 326 units. The MN Zoning District permits multi-family developments by right as long as the height of the project is 40 feet or under.

Lang Partners, the developer, made donations to five local churches with roots in Quakertown for $10,000 each to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Quakertown. Lang Partners is also working on a Community Benefits Agreement with the Southeast Denton Neighborhood Association and the DAVID Ministerial Alliance

A building permit will be issued in Spring 2023. Future phases of the development are in the planning stages, and additional information will be provided as available.

A meeting was held with the Southeast Denton Neighborhood Association on November 8, 2022, to discuss the Community Benefits Agreement.