Planned Development

3D Rendering - Main Entrance

Project Description

The Stonehawk property is comprised of approximately 18.29 acres of land zoned Mixed-Use Neighborhood (MN) to the North and Suburban Corridor (SC) to the South. It was originally planned to go through a zoning change to develop multi-family, retail, and restaurants on the lot but has instead become a Planned Development (PD) Submittal based on the City of Denton’s feedback. Meetings have been held between the developer and the Old North Park Steering Committee which is made up of representatives from the neighborhood to the north of the Stonehawk property. These neighborhood meetings have resulted in the creation of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the developer and the neighborhood which outlines standards and conditions to be included in the development. The Planned Development process will commence in May and there will be ongoing meetings with the neighborhood during the City’s review process.

Neighborhood Engagement

97 Land Company met with Old North Park HOA Steering Committee on Thursday June 8, 2023.  A presentation of the future development and a draft set of plans were presented to the committee and are provided in the links below.