From Vision To Reality: Urban Logistics and 97 Land Company’s Journey in Creating Denton’s Urban District 35

97 Land Company, led by Principal Aimee Bissett, is dedicated to being a catalyst for visionary land development. In one of our latest projects with Urban Logistics, Urban District 35, we had the opportunity to collaborate with a team that aligned with our values for development in Denton.

Join us in the latest 97 Land news— embark on an exciting development journey as we delve into the remarkable success of Urban Logistics’ latest project, Urban District 35 in Denton, and discover how 97 Land Company played a pivotal role in overcoming complex challenges. Gain valuable insights from Adam Herrin of Urban Logistics, as he shares his perspective on this transformative collaboration.

Meet Urban Logistics: Revolutionizing Industrial Development
Urban Logistics is a multidisciplinary real estate firm specializing in industrial development and acquisitions in Dallas, Houston, and Phoenix. Urban Logistics embodies the principles of the next generation of industrial, placing a strong emphasis on human-centricity. Their approach is thoughtful and considers the creation of lasting value for neighborhoods and communities, while simultaneously providing essential support for modern businesses to flourish. They are committed to prioritizing the enrichment of each stakeholder which means their projects deliver a distinct and palpable value proposition that sets them apart.
When Urban Logistics encountered a challenging site in the city of Denton, they quickly realized the complexities involved. Seeking expert guidance, they turned to 97 Land Company, highly recommended by Denton locals.

The Complexities Unveiled:
The Denton Urban District 35 project presented Urban Logistics with a multitude of challenges, including environmental issues, easements, and various other intricacies. Recognizing the need for a top-tier consulting resource to navigate these complexities, they engaged 97 Land Company. Principal Aimee Bissett and her team became invaluable assets, ready to tackle and overcome the obstacles faced by Urban Logistics.

Working with The 97 Land Team
Adam Herrin of Urban Logistics had this to say about working with the 97 Land team:
“Aimee and the 97 Land team’s involvement proved indispensable to the success of the Denton Urban District 35 project. Her extensive network of relationships with the City of Denton proved critical, as she guided Urban Logistics through the process of working with the municipality. Beyond the scope of her work, Aimee’s deep knowledge of Denton’s rules, laws, and regulations provided additional assistance to the project. Without her involvement, the project may not have reached its full potential.”

The Power of Collaboration:
Working with Aimee and the 97 Land team was a seamless and productive process for Urban Logistics. They credit the success of the project to Aimee’s resourcefulness and expertise. Her ability to navigate the complexities of dealing with the city, obtaining entitlements, and securing approvals played a crucial role in accomplishing the project’s goals. Aimee’s professionalism and expertise were invaluable contributions for the project.

Choosing Denton: A Strategic Decision:
Initially, Urban Logistics was not actively seeking opportunities in Denton. However, they came across a site that had great potential— given Denton’s population growth, its connection to Interstate 35, and the abundance of labor in the city. The potential for warehouse development combined with Denton’s strategic location made the project a perfect fit for Urban Logistics and this new project.

Urban District 35: A Unique Development:
Urban District 35 is an exciting development, featuring a 450,000 square foot project that will soon open its doors. With businesses ready to launch within the next few months, this project is eager to revolutionize Denton’s landscape. Boasting remarkable curb appeal and a commanding presence along the interstate, Urban District 35 stands as a first-of-its-kind development for the city. The meticulous attention to architectural and cosmetic features ensures a distinctive experience for tenants and visitors alike. Furthermore, the project is expected to generate numerous job opportunities and contribute to Denton’s economic growth.

Praise for 97 Land Company:
Adam Herrin of Urban Logistics recommends working with Aimee Bissett and the 97 Land team emphasizing “Aimee’s resourcefulness and expertise, particularly in navigating the city processes, entitlements, and approvals”.
For anyone embarking on a project in Denton, hiring Aimee Bissett and the 97 Land team is an essential step toward realizing their vision of success and transforming urban landscapes.

About 97 Land Company
Here at 97 Land Company, we are catalysts for progress, relentlessly focused on North Texas’ future growth. Collaborating with landowners, developers, and community leaders, we bring visionary land development projects to life. Our extensive expertise in land use planning, economic development, and real estate transactions ensures efficient and successful projects that fulfill our shared vision for the region. We are committed to benefiting the local community and fostering economic prosperity in every endeavor. Have a project coming up? Contact Us To Connect

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