S21-0005 Specific Use Permit

Project Description

Teasley Flats is a proposed 95-unit multi-family development located near the northwest corner of Teasley and Hickory Creek. The proposed project will require approval of a Specific Use Permit to allow for the multi-family development. The Specific Use Permit will go to public hearings at the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council in early 2023. Prior to going to public hearing, we are helping the developer facilitate discussions with nearby neighbors to provide information about the proposed project and receive feedback from the neighborhood.

School District

Elementary: McNair
Middle: Crownover
High: Guyer

On January 13th we met with Dr. Jamie Wilson, Superintendent of Denton ISD about the neighborhood’s school-related concerns. The property is within a two-mile radius of the elementary and is not considered a hazard zone by the school district, which means DISD will not provide transportation to elementary students residing at the property. He stated that at this time there is no current or future plan to redistrict the school zone that the Teasley SUP property lies within and that the school is close enough to McNair Elementary that students can walk or be driven to school. He also informed us that there are safe pedestrian and bicycle connections from the project site to the school and that even in the event of a future redistricting, this site would remain within McNair’s school zone.

Crime Prevention

Along with perimeter fencing, Teasley Flats will have adequate lighting on the property and secure locks on doors and other entrances. If needed, a security company may be hired to provide increased security to the property. Residents and neighbors in the surrounding areas are encouraged to reach out to local law enforcement to report any suspicious activity and crimes, or utilize Denton County Crime Stoppers, a non-profit organization created for local residents to provide information related to crimes they may see in their communities.

Neighborhood Engagement

Neighborhood meetings were held November 16/18 and January 5/6 to update neighbors on the current plans and recent changes that have been made. Links to the meeting presentation materials and video records are provided below.

01.05.23 | 6:00pm

01.06.23 | 12:00pm

11.16.22 | 12:00pm

11.16.22 | 6:00pm

11.18.22 | 9:00am